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Kamala Harris: America’s next vice president

Kamala Devi Harris, a senator who has represented California in the U.S. Congress since 2017, will break barriers when she is inaugurated as vice...

Kamala Harris To Make History As First Female Vice President

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the US election, gaining the 270 electoral votes needed to carry them to the White House. It has...

Editor's Choice

Save the elephants

Last week a barasingha strayed into a field in Panchkula. She ate a ball of wheat only to find it was a homemade bomb...

How fashion is killing the planet

It's not just what you eat that is killing the earth and all its inhabitants. It is also what you wear. Every time you buy...

World Stroke Day, 29 October 2020

Stroke is a major cause of disability and death globally that disproportionately affects people in low- and middle-income countries. Worldwide, stroke is the second...

Compassion: Key to happiness

Compassion is not a hobby or something you do in a good mood or when you are well fed or with your friends, It...