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इन्दिरा जोशीका ३ सेक्रेट्स

इन्दिरा जोशी  चर्चित  गायिका र मोडल हुन् । विजय भुषालद्वारा लिखित गीत रातो घाँघरा बाट उनले प्रसिद्धि पाएकी हुन् ।  नेपाली शकिराको उपनामले पनि चिनिन्छिन् । सन् २०१७ को नेपाल आइडलकी निर्णायकको रूपमा पनि उनी परिचित छिन्। उनका...

अप- कमिङ मोडल : रोजिना अधिकारी

रोजिना अधिकारी मोडलिङ क्षेत्रमा नयाँ अनुहार हो । १८ बर्षिया अधिकारी प्रतिभाशाली मोडल हुन् । हाल पद्म कन्यामा स्नाताक अध्ययन गरिरहेकी अधिकारीले बिभिन्न फोटोशूट र इभेन्टमा पनि सहभागीता जनाएकी छन् ।  

Dad’s Love

One day, I was so angry, that I left home, swearing not to return, till I became a big guy. Parents, who can't even buy me a Bike, have no right to dream to...

Pictures Speak More Than Words..

Here are some of the best shoots of Sony Photography Awards-

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65 Years Of Nepal-China Relations

Nepal and China established diplomatic relations on August 1, 1955, although people-to-people relations date back to thousands of years. Both the societies...

Nepal’s Citizenship Predicament

The parliamentary State Affairs and Good Governance Committee endorsed an amendment bill on the Citizenship Act 2006, with the provision that foreign...

My Letter To Nepal

One of the most cherished phases of my childhood is the five years that my family lived in Kathmandu, Nepal. My father...

Sustainable Development Starts with Children

NEW YORK – “Our house is on fire,” warned the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg at last year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. Her pointed...