2024 World AI Conference: Governing AI for Good and for All


The 2024 World AI Conference (WAIC) and High-Level Meeting on Global AI Governance was held in Shanghai from July 4 to 6. The event was an important step to implement the Global Initiative for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Themed “Governing AI for Good and for All,” the conference embodied the fundamental principles of the initiative and reflected the common aspirations of the international community.

In October 2023, at the Opening Ceremony of the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that China will put forward the Global Initiative for AI Governance, which presents a constructive approach to addressing universal concerns over AI development and governance and offers Chinese solutions to relevant international discussions and rule-making.

The initiative has provided fundamental guidance for China to participate in global AI governance and serves as an important public good that China offers the world. China has been actively implementing the initiative and deeply engaging in global AI governance, which has been widely endorsed and appreciated by the international community.

The 2024 WAIC has established a crucial platform for international AI exchanges and cooperation. 

Following the principles of openness, inclusiveness, and equal participation, the conference has brought together representatives from different countries and sectors to advance AI development, security, and governance. It aims to develop an open, fair, and effective governance mechanism and ensure that the innovative achievements of AI truly benefit humanity.

The conference included an opening ceremony, which is also the plenary session, three main forums on global governance, industrial development, and scientific frontier, and 10 themed forums and several industry forums covering key topics such as AI governance, large models, embodied intelligence, investment and financing, education, and talent development. It also included AI exhibitions, awards ceremonies, competitions, and intelligent experience.

The conference has brought together over 1,000 leading figures worldwide. More than 200,000 government officials, and representatives of international organizations, industries, universities and research institutes, among others, have attended the conference and shared their profound insights and perspectives into global AI governance, development and practical cooperation. Together, they have built a broad consensus through mutual learning. 

China’s active participation and significant leadership in global AI governance demonstrate its role as a responsible major country. 

On July 1, the 78th UN General Assembly recently adopted a China-led resolution on enhancing international AI cooperation, with over 140 countries supporting it. This resolution, as the UN’s first on international cooperation for AI capacity building, fully embodies the core principles of the Global Initiative for AI Governance and the Global Development Initiative. It aligns with the high expectations of numerous UN member states, particularly developing countries, and represents broad and robust support for multilateralism and the UN.

The resolution plays an important role in promoting inclusive AI development around the world, and has won wide support and high evaluation from the international community, especially the Global South. It marks another significant step in practicing the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind on the UN platform.

The unanimous adoption of this resolution reflects a widespread agreement among UN member states on the necessity of enhancing global AI governance through dialogue and cooperation. It also demonstrates China’s responsible approach and significant leadership in AI development and governance. It has proved that building “small yard, high fence” and exclusive blocs in AI development and governance is not in line with the trend of the times or the interests of all parties.

The technological revolution and industrial transformation driven by AI are nurturing tremendous new opportunities, and will undoubtedly bring more confidence and hope to the world. 

China will continue to advance the great cause of building a community with a shared future for mankind and fully demonstrate its sense of duty as a responsible major country. Taking the 2024 WAIC as an opportunity, China will continue to follow the principles of extensive consultation and joint contribution for shared benefits, actively participate in and lead global AI governance, and work together with all parties to promote the healthy, safe, fair, and orderly development of AI worldwide.


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