Is the UN failing?


Before the outbreak of the Second World War, there was a League of Nations, which had the goal of monitoring world peace. However, due to the policy of “understanding and satisfying” the aggressor, she failed her task. After the Second World War, the United Nations was created, which certainly should not have allowed wars. However, she also failed her task. There is a bloody war going on in the center of Europe today. And what measures has the UN taken? Nothing, to put it mildly, is parallel to what is happening. And in many cases, it plays along with the aggressor, equating Russia with Ukraine. 

In fact, Russia invaded the territory of Ukraine in 2014. While the UN did not notice the war in every possible way, considering it an internal conflict. Moreover, at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, there were several “reservations” regarding the fact that a “special military operation” was underway in Ukraine. Then the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, was outraged, but there was no clear response from the UN representatives, subsequently they called the war a “conflict”. 

In addition, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres broadcast Kremlin narratives at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, from which, reading between the lines, it can be concluded that there is a real threat of nuclear war if Ukraine does not agree to Russia’s conditions. While shortly before February 24, he and UN staff were spotted at a party of Moscow diplomats in the United States. Later, on April 28, the UN Secretary-General arrived in Kyiv and its environs, however, it is interesting that he first came to Moscow. After listening to the arguments and conditions of the Russian leadership, he went to Kyiv in order to convey all the information and “instructions” received.  

The Russian army also fires at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, and then gathers the UN in order to blame the nuclear threat that Ukraine “creates.” While the UN provides them with this propaganda platform. 

When horrific tortures were committed on Ukrainian prisoners of war, some of which included pulling up with a rope tied to the genitals, beating with wooden hammers, electric shock torture, and so on. The UN called for compliance with the norms of the Third Geneva Convention, which establishes requirements for the treatment of prisoners of war. And at the same time, when on July 29, Russia struck about the correctional colony in occupied Olenivka, where the defenders of Azovstal were in captivity, no investigation from the UN followed. Moreover, as of December 13, the International Committee of the Red Cross has not arrived in Olenivka. But when Daria Dugina, daughter of the chief propagandist Alexander Dugin died on August 20, the UN said the next day that an independent investigation should be conducted.  

That is, having all the tools of the UN in every way indulges Russia, ignoring what is happening. Moreover, according to Reuters on September 13, the United States still gave a visa to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to visit the UN General Assembly in New York. When Turkish President Recep Erdogan arrived in Lviv on August 18 to negotiate with Zelenskyy in order to propose a truce plan, Gutteres also arrived as a witness to what Zelenskyy would answer at a private meeting. 

In addition, despite the fact that Putin lost the Black Sea: the sinking of the cruiser Moscow, the de-occupation of SnakeIsland, strikes on Boyko towers and so on, the UN, led by Gutteres, lobbied for a grain deal. As a result, sanctions were lifted from Russia for three years for the export of grain and fertilizers. The UN has launched a thesis that otherwise there will be famine all over the world because of the war in Ukraine. However, no one clarifies that hunger in the world is possible not because of the war in Ukraine, but because of the Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine. In the end, although Putin lost the sea, he still has diplomatic control over Ukrainian ports. 

However, the most revealing fact is the underestimated number of civilian deaths in Ukraine according to the UN. The organization states that as of December 4, some 6,702 people have died in Ukraine since February 24. While in Mariupol alone, about 120,000 people died among the civilian population of Ukraine. Such data was provided by Mykola Osychenko, President of Mariupol Television, who was evacuated from Mariupol in the spring of 2022.

And after the mass killings that the Russian army committed in the Kyiv region, the UN did not create a tribunal, only stated that “it is necessary to conduct an investigation.” A similar situation occurred after the de-occupation of the Kharkiv region, where the UN delegation stated that it was necessary to find the perpetrators, but did not put forward any claims against the political leadership of Russia. 

But when Putin himself needs something, Gutteres is almost immediately announced. For example, propaganda and purchased media are actively lobbying for the launch of the Tolyatti-Odesa ammonia pipeline. Arguing that it is necessary to save the hungry. However, ammonia is an extremely explosive substance. And its movement passes through the whole country and the places of fighting, respectively, for its launch, a truce is necessary, which is so necessary for Putin. In order to consolidate the occupied territories, transfer the status of the war to frozen and continue with new forces in the spring of 2023. In addition, he needs negotiations while he still has at least some territories not de-occupied by Ukrainian forces. Otherwise, in the future he will have nothing to bargain with. 

As a result, we have a huge bloody war in the center of Europe for more than two years. In fact, this is the genocide of the Ukrainian people, all Russian propaganda openly declares that it is necessary to destroy the Ukrainian people. Russia is wiping cities off the face of the earth, destroying civilian infrastructure, and the Russian army is committing inhuman atrocities in the occupied territories. And throughout all this horror, the UN serves the interests of the aggressor or passively supports him, ignoring the fact of genocide. 

The long-standing problem of the UN is that it is a corrupt organization, which often serves dictatorial regimes. For example, nutrition is the main problem in Africa, however, grain supplies have long gone beyond humanitarian aid. Since grain is supplied to politicians who distribute it to starving residents in exchange for raising their ratings.


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