China, Africa to advance great endeavors of win-win cooperation, harmonious coexistence, shared prosperity of civilizations


Chinese President Xi Jinping and his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa recently co-chaired the China-Africa Leaders’ Dialogue in Johannesburg. Together with other African leaders, they drew a new blueprint for China-Africa solidarity and cooperation.

The meeting adopted and issued the Joint Statement of the China-Africa Leaders’ Dialogue, which reflected the extensive consensus between China and Africa on strengthening and reforming global governance, promoting Africa’s socioeconomic development, safeguarding peace and security, and advancing the institution building of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

The document charted the course for the future development of China-Africa relations in the new era, injecting new impetus into the China-Africa friendship.

China and Africa, through their creative explorations for modernization, are giving answers to the questions of the times, and making joint efforts to advance the great endeavors of win-win cooperation, harmonious coexistence and shared prosperity of civilizations, said Xi in a keynote speech at the China-Africa Leaders’ Dialogue.

He stressed that the two sides must work together to promote a just and equitable international order, safeguard a peaceful and secure global environment, build an open and inclusive world economy, and create a sound environment for realizing their respective development visions.

Xi profoundly expounded on the significance of China and Africa joining hands to advance modernization and proposed concrete measures to strengthen pragmatic cooperation in the next phase, to support African integration, and to facilitate African modernization. This will inject new impetus into elevating China-Africa relations to new heights and the building of a China-Africa community with a shared future.

There are various paths leading to modernization. The African people have the most say on which path suits Africa best. Advancing modernization through integration is the independent choice made by African countries and people. On this path to modernization, China has all along been a firm supporter, and walking side by side with Africa.

Over the years, China has helped Africa build a large number of connectivity infrastructure projects and carried out extensive cooperation with the African Union and sub-regional organizations. Batches of cooperative projects have taken root in Africa, renewing China-Africa friendship across the vast lands of China and Africa.

Ramaphosa remarked at the China-Africa Leaders’ Dialogue that South Africa has benefited immensely from Africa-China cooperation, and this relationship is one of mutual accomplishment and win-win cooperation.

At the Dialogue, Xi announced that China will launch the Initiative on Supporting Africa’s Industrialization, the Plan for China Supporting Africa’s Agricultural Modernization, and the Plan for China-Africa Cooperation on Talent Development.

China plans to train 500 principals and high-caliber teachers of vocational colleges every year, and 10,000 technical personnel with both Chinese language and vocational skills for Africa. China will invite 20,000 government officials and technicians of African countries to participate in workshops and seminars.

Focusing on industrialization, agricultural modernization, and personnel training urgently needed for Africa’s modernization, the three initiatives and plans vividly reflect China’s concrete actions to support African development.

African leaders said that Chinese investment in and cooperation with African countries has played an important role in boosting Africa’s development, and China is Africa’s indispensable cooperation partner in its quest for modernization.

In face of the profound changes unseen in a century, a strong China-Africa relationship and productive China-Africa cooperation will provide more fresh impetus to global development and ensure greater stability of the world. This is an international responsibility and historical mission entrusted to the 2.8 billion Chinese and African peoples.

Bearing in mind the internal potential and external challenges of China-Africa cooperation, Xi emphasized that through Belt and Road cooperation and the FOCAC, and in light of the Agenda 2063 of the African Union (AU), China will work with Africa to enhance the synergy of their development strategies.

He reiterated China’s support for African Union in joining the G20, which fully mirrored China’s backing for Africa to elevate its international standing and voice and China’s concrete action of putting the spirit of China-Africa friendship into practice.

African leaders appreciated China’s proposals to promote Global Development Initiative, Global Security Initiative and Global Civilization Initiative in support of multilateralism, and believe China and Africa’s development will bring more opportunities for world peace and development.

Deeper African integration coupled with the steady modernization progress of both China and Africa will provide new impetus for global economic growth, contribute positive energy to international fairness and justice, and set new benchmarks for equal, open and cooperative partnerships worldwide.

China will work with African countries to further carry forward the spirit of China-Africa friendship and cooperation, deepen solidarity and collaboration across the board, and build a high-level China-Africa community with a shared future, so as to make new contributions to advancing human modernization and prosperity.


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