Chengdu ready to hold successful FISU Summer World University Games


The 31st International University Sports Federation (FISU) Summer World University Games is about to be held in Chengdu, southwest China’s Sichuan province on July 28. The beautiful city is ready to open its arms to welcome athletes from across the world.

In the Chengdu FISU World University Games Village, banners showing the official motto for the Games – “Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True” – is seen everywhere.

As the “home” for athletes attending the event in Chengdu, the FISU World University Games Village is one of the areas that provide the longest hours of services and support. Covering about 800,000 square meters, the village consists of 10 apartments, two cafeterias, delegation service center, polyclinic, fitness center, basketball courts, swimming pool and other support facilities. It is set to accommodate 11,000 people and will offer accommodation, catering, fitness, commercial and cultural services for delegations.

A comfortable living environment is very important for athletes. The rooms of the apartments in the FISU World University Games Village are equipped with all types of home appliances, and every one of them comes with an independent bathroom. What surround the buildings are trees and grass.

According to Feng Ming, deputy manager of the media center of the FISU World University Games Village, the apartments in the village were transformed from university dormitories based on FISU standards. Feng is confident that the apartments will be comfortable for athletes.

Apart from a sound living environment, the village also offers great catering services. It is reported that the main course menus in the cafeterias of the village are on weekly rotation, which will meet the demand of delegation members from different countries and regions.

Zhu Bin, commercial recreation and fitness manager of the village told People’s Daily that the village has a 2,000-square meter fitness center that provides power, cardio-pulmonary and other training services.

Besides, there are nutritional management, rehabilitation and sport psychology experts at the fitness center, Zhu said.

During the event, 150 medical workers will be on duty at the polyclinic in the FISU World University Games Village, providing around-the-clock emergency and transferring services.

The FISU Summer World University Games is believed to be an opportunity to present the culture of host cities. Themed galas, Chinese intangible cultural heritage experience activities and art exhibitions will be held every day in the village during the event, to demonstrate the unique charms of Sichuan province to athletes and other delegation members.

At the Chengdu FISU World University Games Village, green traveling and intelligent lifestyle technologies are widely applied. Apart from smart coffee machines that are seen everywhere in the village, there are nine other intelligent services and products provided, including intelligent snack machines, 3D scanners, and cooling vests.

“This is the main venue for the basketball events of the 31st FISU Summer World University Games. The men’s and women’s finals will be held here. All of our volunteers are ready,” said Chang Le, deputy manager for human resource and volunteer management at the basketball arena of Chengdu’s Phoenix Hill Sports Park.

A 13.1m*13.1m*6.57m center-hung LED display in the basketball arena of the Phoenix Hill Sports Park is quite showy. It is learned that sound absorbers are installed on the dome of the arena, and there are perforated aluminum sheets and sound-proof cotton above the spectators stand and on the interior walls of the arena. The spectator seats in the arena are also covered by soft sound-proof materials. Besides, the arena is equipped with a public address system to ensure the best sound effect.

So far, 45 competition and training venues for 18 sports of the 31st FISU Summer World University Games have completed acceptance inspection. Their hardware facilities and services all meet standards for international competitions.

The 31st FISU Summer World University Games follows the principle of frugality and sustainability. Green construction materials have been widely used in the construction of new venues for the Games to reduce the generation of construction waste and pollution. The venues are lighted with LED lights in a variable manner for efficient and stable energy consumption. All venues have been rated two stars under China’s green building certification system.

“We believe that Chengdu is ready to hold a splendid FISU Summer World University Games. We are looking forward to this grand event where young people from the world demonstrate their talent in sports and learn from other cultures,” said Christopher Svensson, chairman of the Swedish University Sports Federation.


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