Optimization of COVID-19 response mirrors China’s preparedness


The long queues outside hot pot and barbeque restaurants, an approaching peak season for cinemas, and an expected surge in the number of Chinese outbound tourists…vital and dynamic images of China have been vividly reported by foreign media recently after the country optimized its COVID-19 response.

However, some reports by a few Western media outlets were nowhere near the facts or the general perception of the Chinese people and the international community. In the stories fabricated by these media, China’s new COVID-19 response measures came in a rush without preparation, which is completely biased hype and smear driven by political manipulation.

Facing the evolving epidemic situation, China has always put the people and their lives in the first place. It works to prevent and control the epidemic while advancing medical research and adjusting measures based on summaries, making small but unceasing steps to constantly optimize its response measures.

Recently, local authorities and relevant departments have started managing COVID-19 with measures against Class B infectious diseases in a smooth and orderly manner, going all out to safeguard the lives and health of the Chinese people. The infection peak is over in many regions, and people are getting back to work and life.

According to the latest data, the number of fever outpatient consultations across China has been in continuous decline, and there has also been a drop in the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients and critical cases.

Many places have announced that they had gone through the first peak of COVID-19 infections, including Beijing, Zhejiang province, Henan province, Guangdong province, Chongqing municipality and Sichuan province.

China has optimized its COVID-19 response in light of the evolving situation, which exactly mirrors the country’s full preparation.

China is well-prepared in terms of medical capacity.

By improving its hierarchical medical system, strengthening the capability of primary-level healthcare institutions, setting up more fever clinics and expanding beds, relevant equipment and resources at designated hospitals for critically ill patients, China has well coordinated the treatment for COVID-19 patients and regular medical services.

A tightly-woven public health network has been established by community hospitals, rural clinics and primary-level healthcare institutions.

Besides, the country also constantly promoted its vaccination drive to build an immunization barrier that is strong enough to protect people from the disease.

The country is well-equipped with sufficient production capacity.

China’s pharmaceutical industry enjoys a solid and complete industrial chain. Compared with that in early December last year, the daily production capacity of antigen test kits has been expanded rapidly, and the daily production and supply of some antipyretic and analgesic drugs are also on a rise.

China’s solid material foundation, complete industrial system, strong sci-tech capacity, and rich medical resources all provided powerful support for the country’s COVID-19 response.

The country is well-poised in terms of strong organizing and mobilizing capabilities.

Following the overall command of the central authorities, local authorities, relevant departments and primary-level organizations have adhered to science-based prevention and treatment, taken targeted measures, given classified guidance and worked to prevent risks.

Medical workers across the country spared no effort to save lives, while numerous volunteers worked at the forefront of the battle against the virus. The Chinese people contributed to fighting the disease in various ways, and together they have built a solid defense line for safety and health.

Despite the gap between China and developed countries in terms of per capita medical resources and medical technology level, China has maintained the lowest rates of severe cases and mortality amid COVID-19 globally.

The country’s Human Development Index (HDI) moved up six places while the global HDI has declined two years in a row. In the past three years, China registered average annual economic growth of 4.5 percent, among the fastest in the world’s major economies and much higher than some countries that adopted the “let it rip” approach in the fight against COVID-19.

Facts proved that China’s optimization of the COVID-19 response is science-based, timely and necessary. It is a strategic and visionary move to efficiently coordinate the COVID-19 response with socio-economic development and to safeguard the fundamental interests of the people.

Thanks to all the well-prepared capabilities, China has smoothly overcome the adaptation period following the adjustment of its epidemic prevention and control policy. Any political manipulation is rendered useless in the face of China’s outstanding results achieved in the fight against the virus.

All parties should focus on the fight against COVID-19, avoid any politicization of the epidemic, strengthen solidarity and cooperation, and work together to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.


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