HK youths get on board express train of Greater Bay Area’s development


A ceremony celebrating the achievements of the Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme (the Scheme) and an experience sharing activity were recently held in Hong Kong.

Unveiled at the beginning of 2021, the Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme has attracted more than 400 companies in various sectors to offer job vacancies and over 1,000 Hong Kong young people have found jobs, said John Lee, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). The scheme has been warmly received by participating companies and young people, he added.

The chief executive’s policy address has stated that the HKSAR government will regularize the Scheme to enable more young people to seize the opportunities brought by the development of the Greater Bay Area.

The Scheme aims to encourage enterprises with business in both Hong Kong and mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area to employ university graduates in Hong Kong and station them to work in the Greater Bay Area mainland cities, thereby enhancing Hong Kong young people’s understanding of the latest development and opportunities in the mainland.

Each qualified graduate will be paid a monthly salary of not less than HK$18,000, as well as a monthly allowance of HK$10,000 provided by the government for a maximum period of 18 months.

During the experience sharing session, many young people from Hong Kong shared their experience of working in Greater Bay Area mainland cities via video link.

He Yimin, a graduate trainee from the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, said that over the past one year, she came to realize that banks in mainland cities have advantages in various sectors and that the mainland is developing at a fast pace. She has also gained a deeper understanding of the complementary advantages shared by the mainland and Hong Kong, as well as the huge market potential of the Greater Bay Area.

“I will consider working in the mainland and hope that I can contribute my part to the development of the Greater Bay Area,” said He.

In August 2021, Pan Zifeng from Hong Kong joined Tencent through the Scheme. He is currently manager of public affairs (Greater Bay Area) in Tencent. Pan said he is impressed by the development of the Greater Bay Area after knowing more about the region through work and witnessing the development of internet companies in Shenzhen.

The Scheme has made it easier for the Hong Kong young people to seek employment. The allowance they receive from the HKSAR government, together with the decent salaries and a monthly living allowance provided by the government of Guangdong province are incentives that motivate them to remain in the mainland, Pan said.

More than 30 enterprises were awarded for their active participation in the program. Chan Man, Deputy Chief Executive of the Bank of China (Hong Kong), which was a recipient of the honor, expressed that the Greater Bay Area enjoys infinite development opportunities and Hong Kong young people participating in the program, with a global vision and experience gained by working for financial institutions in the mainland, are valuable talents.

“Young people are the future of national development and the HKSAR government will continue to support young people to work in mainland cities,” said Tommy Yuen, Commissioner for the Development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area of the HKSAR government.

The HKSAR government has rolled out programs under the framework of the Youth Development Fund, including the Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. These programs are set to provide funds for 230 startups and more than 800 young people, and offer entrepreneurial support and incubation services to about 4,000 young people.

The mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area welcome young people from Hong Kong to start business.

Liang Yanting, a young woman in Hong Kong, said many young people from Hong Kong have chosen to start business in Shenzhen, a city which boasts openness and efficiency, offers favorable policies and is friendly to young entrepreneurs. The city provides support for young entrepreneurs from Hong Kong in various aspects, including policies, subsidies, corporate registration, housing and offices.

“I hope that young people from Hong Kong can make use of the favorable policies offered by the mainland cities to make progress and better integrate into the development of the Greater Bay Area,” Liang expressed.


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