MT View: It was a great World Cup and it happened in the right place


Qatar is the smallest country ever to host the FIFA World Cup. but, despite its size, it has been at the center of the world. 

Qatar has become successful in asserting itself as a global player and tilting football’s center of gravity away from Europe and towards the global south. It was a great World Cup that featured breathtaking performances and stirring underdogs, and it happened in the right place. Qatar got the opportunity to display everything from its architecture to its hospitality. 

The World Cup has become a major turning point for Qatar. For the first time, the tournament was held in an Arab-Muslim country. Everything was sophisticated, well-prepared, and well-directed from the opening ceremony to the final. This was the best World Cup final anyone has ever seen. Qatar held a classic closing ceremony, and it was a night to remember. 

Despite this, the Western media has been running a smear campaign against the World Cup and Qatar. One of the media outlets stated that FIFA awarded the World Cup to a country with a poor human rights record and draconian anti-gay laws. The Western media has centered around the Qatari government’s human rights record, from the deaths and conditions endured by migrant workers to LGBTQ and women’s rights. They even said that the timing of this World Cup was a mistake. because Qatar is so hot in the summer and because the organizers were unable to deliver the air-conditioned stadiums they promised. However, FIFA and Qatar should offer something new to so many workers and their families who continue to be denied compensation for stolen wages and lost lives.

With the successful hosting of the tournament, Qatar has displayed itself as a global player politically and economically and successfully emerged as an international mediator of conflicts. The country has become more influential in international affairs and has overcome the invisibility of a small state. The country is successful in building soft power by hosting all those leaders and delegations. The primary goal of every small stage is to overcome its invisibility and Qatar successfully completed the mission. However, it also should address the concerns of migrant workers and their families. 


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