MT View: Chief Justice row appears to be no end in sight till poll


Chief Justice Cholendra SJB Rana has been in the eye of a storm since an impeachment motion was filed against Rana on February 13, 2022.

The issue is getting more complicated after Rana survived a move to expel him from office as the Parliament, which was due to hear an impeachment motion against him, ended its term Saturday. The political parties are sharply divided on whether or not the suspended chief justice can give continuity to his term.

As the suspended Chief Justice Rana tried to resume his office, the government prevented it by deploying security officials at his official residence. Rana said to some media that the government had locked his residence outside and deployed heavy police.

As there is no Parliament and the motion has not been taken up, legal experts are divided over the issue- whether the impeachment motion is over with the end of the parliament’s term or will be carried in the next session of the parliament after the election.

This issue could lead to confrontations as both sides seem to be in the mood of toughening their stance. Rana will retire on December 13 and these confrontations seem to continue till his retirement.


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