MT View: Nancy’s decision to visit Taiwan isn’t wise


At a time when the war between Russia and Ukraine has sparked global outrage and attention, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 19-hour visit to Taiwan Wednesday prompted large-scale military exercises from China that broached the self-governing island’s territorial waters.

Many fear that this visit will exacerbate the crisis and lead to war. China considers the self-ruling island a renegade province and is worried about the surging US support for Taiwan. China fears that  Taiwan is drifting away from the mainland despite the growing economic and social interdependence. This is the reason we can see China’s effort to intimidate the country. Meanwhile, the US has moved to deepen its diplomatic and military ties with Taipei to strengthen its leadership across Asia.

Relations between the US and China were poor even before the visit and now they have the potential to turn very nasty. Thumbing her nose at Beijing could inflict long-term damage to the US-China relationship.

In response to Pelosi’s visit, the Chinese military announced a three-day military exercise in six areas close to Taiwan. China has many different ways short of war to pressure Taiwan and create challenges for the US.

Nancy’s decision to visit Taiwan wasn’t a wise. This visit was against Biden’s wish. Biden cast public doubt on the wisdom of Pelosi’s Taiwan visit by suggesting that the Pentagon saw it as too risky. “The military thinks it’s not a good idea right now,” Biden said last month. This visit could result in an indirect war between the US, Russia, and China.

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