Freedom to fly


What’s your plan after you complete your school education? If you ask
this question, many say doctors or engineers. Its not what all of them
want. Its what the society want and people are compelled to chase
dream seen by others. If you say you want to become an artist,
musicians, singers, then the society laughs. Even parents ask – “What
will you do if you sing or paint?” . So many people are forced to bury
their passion. So, whether they like or not they have to be what the
society wants.

Sometimes we bury our passions deeply because of something that has
happened in our life or out of the fear of what may be asked of us
should we open this area of our life. We cannot open ourselves to our
passion or our purpose until we are prepared to go beyond our comfort.
zone, scary perhaps, rewarding definitely.. Never underestimate the
greatness that is in all of us.

Deciding to seize ones dream means I doing what it takes to make dream
a reality. We have a dream means we wish to achieve but seizing our
dream makes me the real achiever. To fulfill the dream and follow our
passion, it needs consistent hard work and commitment.Perfect blend of
these elements result in success.

There was a friend of mine who always wanted to be an artist. He was
very good at it. But his parents wanted to make him an engineer.. He
couldn’t refuse them and he got admitted in a college. It has
been seven years, but he hasn’t been able to graduate. Today, he looks
so frustrated and prefers solitude. It’s disheartening to see how a
cheerful guy has turned into a lonely, sad and frustrated one. Had he
been able to listen his heart and tell his parents what he wanted to
be, his life would have been a totally different one. Our society
views professions like doctor and engineer as being respectable and
good. If anyone chooses to be an artist, dancer or singer, society
will not take it as a respectable profession. Here, people don’t look
for creativity, skill and excellence. They look for success. What
matters here are a degree and certificate rather than skill,
proficiency and skill. If there is no passion and dreams in your life,
have you really lived? So, find your passion, whatever it may be. Go
for your passion, work on it and see the magic it will bring into your
life. You want to stay in harbor and be safe, or sail out to sea?

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? So,
find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become
you and you will find great things happen for you. Be gutsy, break out
all the limitations, go for your passion, work on it and finally you
will be the happiest fellow in this earth.


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