Hippinis in Nepal in early 1970s


American writer and philosopher Susan Sontag, writes in her acclaimed essay, “On Photography,” that it was only with its industrialization that photography came into its own as art. In the nineteenth century, there were no professional photographers, all were amateurs. After the debut of photography in mid-nineteenth century, much has been changed. Now, with the upsurge of many smartphones, anyone can be a photographer.

No matter how advanced we surge in technologies, those photos of old days still hit us like sledgehammer. During 1970s, Kathmandu was the splendid haven for Hippies. Freak Street was the main center for Hippie trail.

The story of ‘Hippinis’ featured in Photo Kathmandu festival can be the gripping story for many. In the early 1970s, Kathmandu became the perfect junction for two strangers to meet and make their bond stronger. German actress Petra Vogt and poet Ira Cohen travelled to Nepal during Hippie era, met here, became very close friends and later they settled in Nepal.

Petra is an actress known for 70s flicks Movie Makers, Love and Anger. She also acted as a model for Ira’s hallucination photography, using 50 years ago’s Kathmandu. So, if you are excited to see how and actress and a poet turns into bohemian souls in Kathmandu, you can visit the festival that is ongoing now.


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