Don’t get attracted by political stunts in upcoming elections, choose the right candidates


With local elections approaching near, politicians are again coming out of the woodwork.

For better or worse, those who best understand how to gather media attention and voter attention will have the upper hand in the election. Unfortunately, it is not always the best candidates or the best stewards of government, or the best leaders who win elections. It is the best politicians who win the elections in Nepal.

Leader Bahadur Pandit of CPN-UML was seen driving an auto-rickshaw to impress the locals of Biratnagar. He is hopeful of winning the elections.

Leaders who are centered in the capital most of the time swarm to their election constituencies when elections are near.

There is something explosive about an era in which interest in politics spikes while faith in politics slows down. What does it mean for the stability of a country if more and more people warily keep track of the activities of leaders that they increasingly distrust? 

Some years ago, we lived in a world of greater political apathy and yet greater trust in politics. Now there is both passion and distrust. 

In an election, we may cast your vote, but we are also casting it away for the next few years. The election is delegation to an elected representative for some years. So, we should be careful and aware in choosing the right candidates.

Real leadership means devising and carrying out sustained policies that make the country a better place. Publicity stunts may generate a few days of favorable media coverage, but they end up making the country weaker.


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