Empowerment of self and body in order to take care of our mental health


Mental health is a state where there is balance in the way we think, feel and act. It is that state of being able to balance personal and social life by coping with stressors of life. When the social, biological and psychological factors of individuals have positive impacts on their lives then we are in good mental health, if those factors have negative impacts in our lives then and individual can develop mental illness, dysfunction and disorders such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, phobias etc.

Who are we in real? Our authentic self or the state of being beyond mind and body is the self. Our body refers to the emotional body or psychic body. Healing the body means healing trauma, which lies in the body that comes from various uncomfortable situations of life. Such as stressful life, stressful work condition, racism, discrimination, unhealthy upbringings, poverty or long term sickness and many more. When we are in a state of poor mental health, it is obvious that we lack the motivation to go to see mental health counselor or seek help. That’s when we need empowerment.

Empowerment is a process of reflecting the strength, positivity, power and the good part of someone being like a mirror. So that the individuals gain power to access resources that they have within themselves to take control of the circumstances of their lives. Empowerment is the process of helping an individual or group of people to make them capable to harness their true power, positive resources, capacity, skills, talents, likes, dislikes, spirituality, universal power etc. Which empowers a person in and out to face or deal with the ups and down of life. When the body is traumatised or in poor mental health state, our body is tired and weak. A person with weak sense of self will get stuck during the phase of pain, distress and conflict. Empowerment process helps to resume the self-esteem, self acceptance, self-compassion, build the strength, connect with body wisdom, re-establish or re-organize the nervous system. Empowerment gives the sense of self-awareness, self-care and makes an individual responsible for their health care and own life action.

When an individual is taking care of their mental health, they can feel good about self, confident, feel in control of self, managing and expressing emotions in right way, managing their relationship well and cope well with the stressful situation of their life. So the empowerment of self and body is very important for perfect mental health state.

In order to manage oneself better and empower themselves, one needs to learn the ways of self management which includes being empowered physically as well as mentally. Seeking for appropriate help with experts can certainly boost the quality of life we are living.


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