Woman orders iPhone 13 Pro Max but receives a bottle of hand soap


A woman ordered an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, but she received a $1 hand soap delivery instead of the premium phone. This incident was reportedly happened in United Kingdom’s London.

The 32-year-old woman, who has been identified as Khaoula Lafhaily, reportedly placed an order for the iPhone 13 Pro Max from her North London home from mobile carrier Sky Mobile on January 24. As per reports, she paid £150 upfront and signed a 3-year contract which cost her a £1,500 (around Rs 1,51,701) for the iPhone. She received the package two days later.

However, she was shocked to find only a hand sanitizer that is probably priced at $1. The parcel was supposed to be delivered the next day of the order as she had paid for a single-day delivery for the device but she did not receive it. She received a phone call from the driver who said that he was stuck in traffic.

According to reports of The Sun, the woman said that the driver reached her house on January 26 but, he did not deliver any parcel instead took a photo of the house and left. On the next day, after three days of order did she got the parcel, which her husband received. However, when she opened the parcel, she found a refill bottle of blue hand soap instead of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

She claimed that she called Sky Mobile and registered a complaint regarding the wrong delivery with them. Though Sky Mobile had said it will investigate the woman’s issue, it is yet to contact the woman even after a week- Agency.


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