Khukri Rum: Same taste in a new bottle


What hits you like a sledgehammer in this cold weather? It’s a Khukri Rum. You’re probably expecting a drink round-up, but you know what? Been there, done that more times than one remembers. So let’s talk Khukri XXX Rum instead: it’s just as appropriate a drink at this time of year and, given that the market is saturated with new gins, it’s time for a revival. Nepal Distilleries revived it with new packaging and it has a charm.

Khukri XXX Rum, the original Himalayan Rum of Nepal, unveiled the new packaging in November this year amidst a special launch event in Kathmandu. 

“We have designed a new pack of Khukuri Rum keeping in mind the convenience and desire of our valued customers from the local to the global market. We have kept constant the same great flavor of Khukuri Rum in the new pack as well,” said Shubhash Lamichhane, General Manager, Nepal Distilleries. “It was a great challenge for us to change the looks of rum after 60 years but luckily our customers loved its taste in a new look also,” he added.

Khukri XXX Rum’s new look was fashioned to encompass Nepal’s rich heritage and traditions and to embrace and reiterate Khukri’s proud history and origin “From the Top of the World,” according to the statement released by the company.

“Although the new pack comes with new features and additions, the consumers can be rest assured that they will find the same old taste and blend that they have been enjoying always,”

A khukuri rum is a strong brand for the past half-century. Khukri XXX Rum is one of Nepal’s well-recognized brands. 

Rum is distilled from fermented molasses and kept in wooden vats to age for eight months. Rum has attracted the hearts of many and it is still a favorite for many. Many drink rum to do away with coldness.

The Nepal Distilleries was Nepal’s first liquor company and it was established in 1959.  Nepali spirit ‘Khukri’ has been carrying the Nepali legacy of spirit to the international arena since its origin. Not only in Nepal, Rum is available in 13 more countries and it plans to extend more.


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