Friday Movie Review : Kabbaddi Kabbadi #OldMovie


In movie industry, sequels rarely work and can keep audience sit up and watch till  the movie completes, but Kabbadi Kabbadi seems to have the fine formula to continue the sheer fun with the plunge of hilarity. Ram Babu Gurung’s movie is purely watchable for the dashing act by the actors he has chosen. The beauty of his movies is – he doesn’t make movies with different or extraordinary story. He picks up story that is common in our life and presents it in a movie differently.

Kabbadi Kabbadi also doesn’t have different story. This is common in our society – how a guy falls in love with a girl madly and different obstacles he has to undergo in order to chase his love. But it’s the way he presented and laugh riot in the movie that hit audience like a sledgehammer. The unanswered love of Kaji, played by Dayahang Rai for his soltini Maiya, played by Rishma Gurung is continued in this sequel of Kabbadi. The tragedy is, love of both hasn’t changed.


However, one may wish Soltini Maiya to fall for Kaji in this sequel.  But to challenge Kaji’s love, Bom Kaji, played by Saugat Malla comes in the village to help his father in the election. The rivalry between the two, their aggression makes the movie intriguing. In order to find out whether Kaji will be able to conquer his love, you have to watch the movie.

It’s the simple unrequited love story of Kaji and Maiya. Trust me, it would have been boring but its Ram Bubu Gurung’s majestic presentation with trivial dip in merriment, verbal antics, debauchery of actors that make this finest rib and bone tickling stuff. Risma Gurung pitches in perfectly in the movie as Soltini Maiya. However, one may wish more of her. One may even wish her to be more expressive.


The scenes of Mustang will undoubtedly attract all. It’s the cinematography which is so fine that makes the movie more exciting. So, if you want to experience the love story with rib tickling stuff, this is the best choice. Sit with your loved ones and watch the movie. Hope your love will not be unanswered like Kaji. As we know, all we need is love. This Dashain enjoy your holidays with this movies.


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