Virtue of Optimism


Optimism is a powerful tool to be happy. It is the last and best option to adopt when we discover that we can’t win the game by anything else.

Optimism is an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions or to anticipate the best possible outcome. It is the energy which gives us power to think that everything is possible.

It enlightens us to feel that we live in the best of all worlds. No matter what is happening around us, if we can develop our positive attitude at the core of our being, we will equip ourselves to survive any challenge, any disappointment, and any crisis.

An optimist always thinks that some terrific thing will happen no matter how dark the present is.

An optimist always hopes for a glimpse of light even in a scary darkness. If a door is closed, an optimist tries for next door or make a door himself.

A common conundrum illustrates optimism-versus-pessimism with the question, does one regard a given glass of water, filled to half its capacity, as half full or as half empty? Conventional wisdom expects optimists to reply, “Half full,” and pessimists to respond, “Half empty”.

An optimist thinks the entire world belongs to him. Optimism develops confidence that eventually results in success. Pessimists always complain whereas an optimist tries to find the solution.

An optimist can create a new way whereas pessimist doesn’t see any.

Optimism does have positive influence on others also. Once, there were two business partners. Unluckily, one partner lost 2 billions in share.

So, he felt very guilty and couldn’t face his partner. He even tried winding up his life for that huge loss. Surprisingly his partner came and thanked him that he lost only 2 billions and further added if there were others, they would have lost more.

These positive words influenced the depressed partner so much so that he toiled and made the business profit instantly.

Finally, their business became opulent.People who consistently exhibit a positive attitude are more likely to stay healthier, look fitter, and recover faster from any illnesses they undergo.

There is certainly something about optimism that goes far beyond merely being “upbeat” or “perky” it’s a way of thinking and a way of living that actually improves our overall sense of wellbeing.

Instead of viewing an illness as proof of how hopeless life is, an optimist looks it as the body’s way of telling that something needs to change, and then work on changing it.


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