Chase your dream


How often have you had a dream, something you just knew in your heart you wanted and could do even though you had no idea how, and you shot yourself down. If you did pursue it you did what most people do, you took that dream and shrank it till it was only a tiny fraction of what you could have accomplished until it was big enough to fit into the box of your comfort zone and leave you pretty much unchanged. A dream can come out from seeing other, being somewhat like that; getting the things which are supposed to be quite cozy and high.

Some go on dreaming and some work for it. Today, many of us are in the same condition. We weave a good dream, we know we should acquire it but we just go on living in our own way keeping it beside. Sometimes we have good plans for our dream but we are forced to sacrifice it for the society and parents. Smash through the boundaries of what you believe is possible and break loose from your own limitation. If your dream is to be the richest of the country within 15 years, then go for it! The richest person idea will come if you visualize it, believe in it, expect it, go completely into it and get totally psyched about it.

I don’t want to leave further means I don’t have any dream or I am not worth of conquering my dream. We should always dream big. The bigger you dream the bigger the ideas you’ll have and the bigger the opportunities will be that are presented to you. It’s just as easy to dream a big dream as it is to dream a small dream. Most people fail at life not because they aim too high and miss, but aim too low and hit.

Losers see the dream but winners seize it. Now it depends on you whether you want to be a winner or remain only as a loser. So, better dream, seize it and be the winner.


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