Never Give Up


Success is the outcome of many hard experiments and bad failures. We should all understand that if we don’t get the desired outcome we want, then it is simply a feedback.

Humans have learned only through mistakes.

Nothing is impossible in this world if we have real motivations and desire to achieve it. Failure is the small obstacle that tries to pull us back. Many obstacles can be found in our way and make us fail, but we should go on with new strategies and more energy.

History has shown time and again that if people maintain the belief systems that encourage them, they will keep coming back with enough actions and enough resourcefulness to succeed eventually.

Abraham Lincoln lost some elections, but he continued to believe in his ability. He refused to be cowed by his failures and finally he achieved it. When he did, he changed the history of his country.

Sometimes people produce results simply because they don’t know something is impossible.

There is a story of a young man who fell asleep during his math class. He woke up as the bell rang, looked up at the blackboard and quickly copied two problems that were there.

He thought they were homework.

He went home and labored all day and night. He couldn’t figure out either one, but he kept trying for weeks and finally he got the answer to one and brought it to the class. The teacher was absolutely stunned.

It turned out the problem he’d solved was supposedly unsolvable. If he had known that he probably wouldn’t have solved it.

Dedications, hard work, motivations are the key components of success. If people had given up, then they would still have been in the Stone Age.

People are now able to reach other planets and the moon also. If Einstein had given up then, we wouldn’t have seen the atom bomb and if Thomas Edison had given up after his 9,999 times of failure, then we would have been still be living in darkness.

Thanks to his failures and most importantly his courage and dedication to his work. Our doubts are traitors. The fear of failure makes the things ‘impossible’ to achieve. Many struggles, failures, complications make the final product beautiful.

A tree becomes tougher when it bears heavy winds. The future is really uncertain. We don’t know what the result may be.

The result that is obtained easily may not be as beautiful and perfect as the result obtained with great struggles and failures.


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