Listen To Poor


The ongoing prohibitory orders in the Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal have been extended by 10 days.

This is the third time that the prohibitory orders have been extended in the valley to curb the second wave of coronavirus.

As panic over this deadly virus escalates, many headed back to their villages from the major cities of Nepal. Transportation was halted as the government announced prohibitory orders. The effect has been a walking exodus of hundreds of people. Those who couldn’t make it on time are attempting to walk many miles to get back to their home.

“I reached home after walking almost for 18 hours,” said Sachin Pandit who recently got back to his village in Sindhuli after getting stranded in Kathmandu for several days. “I lived in my friend’s house for several days but after I ran out of money I decided to walk.”

As people found themselves abruptly shut-in due to the orders, the poor are the worst affected. For those workers who work on daily wages, the lockdown and economic shock are a blow. “People are fearing of hunger but now I fear I will die of hunger,” said Binod Tamang, a taxi driver. He came to Kathmandu three years ago for work. He planned to go back to his village, but he couldn’t make it in time. He is more worried about his family.

The situation could get worse if the desperation accelerates and people go without food and job for long. The government should announce relief packages to the poor. The government officials get the monthly salary on time but the poor are struggling to live and get the job. The government should also ensure that its decisions do not push the poor to the edge again.


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