CG Communications Launches Internet Service In A Push To Upend Nepal’s Internet Industry


CG Communications, a subsidiary of the Chaudhary Group launched its fiber internet service in Nepal on Tuesday in a push to make deeper inroads into the country’s internet industry.

Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director of CG Communications, said the company is launching the internet service CG NET in Kathmandu and soon the rest of Nepal. “CG Net launches today with the highest speed and user experience using world-class technology at the lowest price,” he said on Twitter.

CG NET is offering 120Mbps internet for just Rs. 999 per month, with the slogan “Speed That Matters.” CG NET has used the latest technology to address the surging demand of the internet for video, OTT platforms, work from home, and online classes. If its service is as fast as it says, it might upend Nepal’s internet sector with its cheap price and fast service.


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