10 Nepali Old Movies Not To Miss Out


If you are looking for a Nepali movie to watch out during lockdown, then we’ve compiled ten movies that you don’t want to miss. So have some popcorn and enjoy these movies at home or go to the nearest theater.  


Balidan is a 1997 hit starring the Maha duo (Maha Jodi) about people’s fight against the Panchayat System, which overruled in Nepal during the period of King Mahendra. It is a patriotic movie which will inspire you to fight against injustice and sense your responsibility towards your society. It stars popular actors like Nir Shah, Sunil Pokharel, Keshav Bhattarai, Shanti Maskey, Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha.

 This movie about struggle, sacrifice, and unity will keep you in your seat for three hours. This movie is a must-watch if you are willing to acquire some knowledge about what people had to go through for the sake of democracy.


Sadanga is a movie directed by Suraj Sunuwar. It is based on lives of gangsters and their rivalry. It stars Saugat Malla as ‘Kalu’ in the lead role along with Priyanka Karki, Nabin Manandhar, Anup Baral, A. Gurung, and Vijay Lama.

The mystery and love in the movie will hit every audience like a sledgehammer. So get ready to watch it. Also, if you like some mystery in your movies and love lively dialogues, you do not want to miss Sadanga.

It is one of the leading Nepali movies about gangsters.


This 1980 movie was jointly produced by Nir Shah, Sophie Upadhyay, and Nepal’s billionaire Binod Chaudhary under Manakamana Films. It was admired by many people after the release and the super hit song from the movie, ‘Yatri’ is still people’s favorite.

This is another movie by the Maha Jodi that is better choice for a Nepali movie lover.

It also stars real life couple Sharmila Malla and Krishna Malla.


Jhola is a Nepali movie about ‘Sati’ Practice in Nepal. ‘Sati Pratha’ involves a wife immolating herself on her husband’s funeral pyre, which is a form of suicide by the widow. This movie follows the life of a woman who had to go through similar evil custom and her struggles to fight against it.

This movie about one of the harsh social evils starred Garima Panta who was awarded Best Actress in SAARC film festival.

This movie was also selected to represent Nepal at the 87th Academy Awards.


Kagbeni is a movie inspired by the popular folk tale “The monkey’s paw” about desires and their extremities. This movie is one of the most loved Nepali movies and was also selected in three different film festivals.

Kagbeni was released in 2008 and was directed by Bhusan Dahal. It beautifully represents the lifestyle of people living in the mountains. The sceneries in the movie are as mesmerizing as the story, and will thrill all the audience.


Loot is a superhit movie of 2008 about young people who want to earn easy and big money. This movie follows the story of a young man ‘Haku Kale’ who plans on robbing a bank with the help of four other unemployed men.

This movie was directed by Nischal Basnet and is a turning point in the Nepali movie industry. It is regarded as one of the most successful Nepali commercial movies.


This 2013 movie is based on the love triangle between central characters starred by Nischal Basnet, Rishma Gurung, Dayahang Rai and Rajan Khatiwada. The movie was produced by Nischal Basnet himself along with Raunak Bikram Kandel and Sunil Rauniyar.

The story takes place in Mustang, a beautiful hilly reason in Nepal. This movie also contributed in tourism of Mustang as many youngsters were fascinated by the scenes from the film and wanted a tour of the place.

This movie was highly appreciated by Nepali audience and was also commercially successful.


Basanti was released in 2000 starring Karishma Manandhar, Gauri Malla, Rajesh Hamal and Ashok  Sharma, and was directed by Nir Shah.

This is a romantic movie based on the novel by the same name written by Diamond Shumsher Rana, a prominent Nepali novelist.

This Nepali classic is a better flick if you are looking for a romantic movie.

Pashupati Prasad:

Pashupati Prasad is a movie about poverty and the hardships of the poor people to pay off their debts. It was directed by Dipendra K Khanal and written by Khagendra Lamichhane.

The movie stars Khagendra Lamichhane himself  in the lead role as ‘Pashupati Prasad’. It revolves around the young boy who lost his parents to the earthquake and is struggling to pay their debts. It was nominated for the best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.

Chakka Panja:

Chakka Panja tells the stories of young men who are obligated to leave the country for employment and the chaos caused by their departure. The movie was directed by Deepak-Deepa and starred Deepak Raj Giri, Jitu Nepal, Buddhi Tamang, Priyanka Karki, Barsha Raut, Kedar Ghimire, Namrata Sapkota and Aruna Karki in lead roles.

The movie has an exciting plot and is a perfect mixture of social drama and humor.

This movie is a perfect example of the growing success of commercial movies in Nepal.  


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