Time to be alert as new variant of coronavirus confirmed in Nepal


Kathmandu – Now, its time to be more aware. The new variant of coronavirus, which was first found in United Kingdom a month ago has been seen in Nepal and as our neighboring country, India has been battered by the second wave of the virus.

As the country is in grip of the second wave of this virus, people are becoming more careless. We can see the crowds of people in different places and events. The coronavirus cases and related death tolls are surging tremendously. Till now, more than 2,90,000 cases and over 3,000 covid-related deaths are seen.

Our neighbor, India’s coronavirus second wave is rapidly sliding into a devastating crisis, with hospitals unbearably full, oxygen supplies running low, desperate people dying in line waiting to see doctors — and mounting evidence that the actual death toll is far higher than officially reported.

Each day, the government reports more than 300,000 new infections, a world record, and India is now seeing more new infections than any other country by far, almost half of all new cases in a global surge. As we have an open border with India, fear is even more here. If the second wave devastates India, the catastrophe will engulf everyone.

As the new strain of the coronavirus cases has entered Nepal, it’s time to be alert again. We should continue to follow all safety measures until we get effective vaccines. The threat of the virus isn’t over yet. So far, the coronavirus cases have crossed 2 lakh 50 thousand and 1,959 deaths.


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