As New Varient Coronavirus Moves Through Different Parts, What Should Nepal Do?


The daily COVID-19 cases and death tolls have been surging in Nepal.

The coronavirus caseloads are rising as a new variant of the coronavirus has entered the country.

As the coronavirus moves through different parts of Nepal, the government is already beleaguered with weak health systems and economic constraints.

As the funds, infrastructures, supplies, and equipment are not largely available, the surging number of coronavirus cases started to seed unease. The world is now facing the battle of health pandemic. In this context, we should face this crisis ourselves. International Financial Institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund also support the poor countries. The adequacy and efficiency of their response also depend on their support. This health crisis can’t go away until it is defeated for all.

As the novel coronavirus cases have already entered through different parts of world, the government should ramp up testings and enforce effective plans. Now, every individuals should be made aware. The government should show leadership before it’s too late. As the health facilities and resources are scarce in Nepal, the people suspected with the COVID-19 cases should be deterred from coming to hospitals unless they are seriously well. Those who have mild symptoms should be encouraged to home quarantine. It is the approach adopted by Rwanda. This approach is useful in surging the use of scarce resources.

The government should ramp up testing and contact tracing. Moreover, its the time we should be more responsible aware. We shouldn’t go out unless it’s needed. So, we shouldn’t panic, but be more responsible and the government should also show effective leadership unless it’s too late.


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