Tourism Industry Needs To Focus on Domestic Tourism


Since Nepal resumes domestic flights and limited international flights by following health and safety protocols, there is some sign of tourism revival as people have started traveling to different tourism destinations. The country was in lockdown for 6 months to curb the spread of the COVID-19 Virus which has impacted the tourism and hospitality industry. Bearing a negative loss for months, the tourism industry is now ready to welcome tourists as the autumn season is the peak time and favorable season for tourism activities. 

In 2018 over 1 Million tourists arrive in Nepal with an increase of 24.8% than the previous year and in 2019 we expected to reach 2 Million tourists which drastically hit by the global health pandemic. With the resume of trekking and mountaineering, we are waiting for the arrival of foreign tourists. But, the coronavirus infection cases are still upsurging in many countries and a week compulsory quarantine might discourage international tourists from entering Nepal.

The arrival of the royal Bahrain team along with the prince to climb Mt. Manaslu and Lobuche has shed hope for the arrival of international tourists. But, it may not be the right time to look for international tourists as we still lack proper plans to curb the spread of viruses. And rather than seeking international tourists, it’s high time to give more attention to domestic tourists and develop domestic tourism.

Nepalese these days choose to live a sophisticated life and spend a huge amount of their income on travel and adventure activities. So, the tourism industry should identify potential travelers and introduce appealing and attractive tourism activities to boost domestic tourism. Domestic tourism plays a significant role in the resilence of the tourism industry especially in times of crisis so, we need to measure its benefits and promote and encourage domestic tourists.


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