Old Movie Review: SADANG


 Sadang is probably one of the best gangster movies that hits you like sledgehammer. This movie is immensely watchable, purely for the class act by Saugat Malla. The other best part in the movie is his dialogue. A liberal peppering of filthy language will definitely make you cringe. Powerful dialogues with some humor will also make you sit and watch the movie.


The story revolves around power, connections and links. Kalu; played by Saugat Malla, works for Raja. Raja is the business tycoon and powerful man in the city. Raja is played  by Vijay Lama who pitches in perfectly with his husky voice. There is another don called as Bhalu whose humor and action make audience sit and laugh. His act is largely entertaining. Priyanka Karki plays the role as Raja’s girlfriend who later falls in love with Kalu’s friend. Kalu desires to be rich and more powerful than Raja and the story revolves around chasing money and power.


The performances in the movie are largely A-grade and Saugat Malla tops the list. Cinematography isn’t crispy. One may wish for more entertainment factor but where it doesn’t work is the entertainment factor. Thanks to the don “Bhalu” whose humor keeps the audience engaging.  One does definitely wish there was more of Bhalu, though. The screenplay in the movie seems to be a bit clunky but nevertheless it’s one of the best gangster movies to watch out.


If you are bored of same love story dramas and movies, this movie can be the best option. So, make a gang, grab some popcorn or mountain dew and go for this gangster movie.


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