Parliament Reinstated, Problems Not Over Yet



In a historic verdict, the Supreme Court of Nepal on Tuesday reinstated the dissolved  House of Representatives.

It is a major setback to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli,  who had recommended the dissolution of the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament on December 20. The Supreme Court has deemed Oli’s decision to dissolve the House as an unconstitutional move.

A Constitutional Bench led by Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher overturned Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s decision to dissolve the parliament and ordered the government to recommend the House meeting within the next 13 days.

Nepal plunged into a political crisis and renewed after President Bidhya Devi Bhandari dissolved parliament and announced new election amidst a tussle for power within the ruling party.

The verdict of the Supreme Court has increased the people’s trust in the country’s judiciary. Now, the problem hasn’t been over yet. Now, on the moral ground, the Prime Minister should resign from his post but there is no sign of that. Now, the game of numbers could start very soon. In that case, it is likely that Now, the Nepali Congress, which has 63 seats in the House will be the kingmaker. There is less chance that it will support KP Sharma Oli as it has protested the House Dissolution.

There are also some speculation that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli may declare emergency but it is yet to see. In this crisis, leaders should find a safe landing and shouldn’t engage in dirty game of horse trading.


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