Restaurant Review: Calm Restaurant


The peace of mind is the beautiful way of living our life. In the ocean of life, the isles of blessedness are smiling and the sunny shore of your ideal awaits your coming.  Once you attain this peace of mind, you think the world is a beautiful heaven and you began to love its accessories and its people. You think you are in the best part of the world. Calm Restaurant is the A-1 place that bestows the peace of mind along with unfussy, relaxed dining destination in Tangal, the area that is increasingly becoming a foodie hub. In Tangalwood, you can find other restaurants as well, but Calm’s facet hits everyone like a sledgehammer.




The Calm Restaurant looks like one that you always wanted. As the name suggests, one can find a tranquil environment. The ambiance of the restaurant makes you feel that you are in the best part of the city. The staff are warm and welcoming. Everything you see around is beautifully presented. There is an open space where musical events are held every weakened. You can enjoy your food sitting outside also and that would be the most heavenly experience.




The food is more sophisticated.They have an array of exquisite cuisines and one can enjoy them at the affordable price. One shouldn’t miss items like Mango Chicken. They have a handmade coffee machine that isn’t available anywhere in Nepal. They have ample sumptuous space for party and events also. They also do have space for private parties and barbecue parties. Every weekend they have folk musical nights to make your night big-league. They also organize many musical events to steer one’s moment.



Mango Chicken


So, if you want to enjoy the sophisticated food with the tranquility of mind and remain far from fuss and fume and worry, Calm restaurant is the best option.






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