Sugarcane farmers to start protest again


Sugarcane farmers have once again rose up in anger after they have not been paid in full and the government and sugar mill industries have declined to disclose the payment details.

The sugarcane farmers have announced series of protest from January 23. The Sugarcane Farmers Struggle Committee has announced that they will continue the protest unless there is a proof that they have been paid in full.

The committee said that the government hasn’t disclosed the payment details although they have requested them.

Few months also, the farmers launched protests in Maitighar, Kathmandu in order to exert pressure on the government already grappling with the coronavirus pandemic outbreak and a devastating economic slump. According to them, the government and the sugar mill operators didn’t abide by the five-point agreement they had signed on January to ensure timely payment of their outstanding dues.

Last year also, hundreds of farmers from Sarlahi, had arrived in Kathmandu to stage sit-in protests,  presenting an increasingly difficult challenge to a government. They have threatened to surge the protest programs if their demands aren’t met. They had withdrawn their protests after the government assured them to settle the dues by January 21, but till now they haven’t received their payment.

Nepal is an agricultural country and agriculture is central to its economy but it is also an industry plagued by poverty, underdevelopment, and suffering. The government and the concerned sugar mill operators should settle their outstanding dues before their protest gets intense.



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