FAGAT – A music that transcends in connecting many hearts


It takes one heart to connect the strings of many hearts and FAGAT penned by Anup Srivastav, composed by Saroj Yadav and arranged by Rahul Pradhan, and bringing many fine vocalists at a single platform is a long thrilling journey of the team, transcends in connecting many hearts.

Every single line that singers in this new song is droll perfectly and echo in our mind and ears with the symphony of their voices.

FAGAT is a concept as well as an ambitious plan to make a music that make sense, survives the production stages and entice the vocalists to come alone.  It took few years to complete the project  and musical flavour span from the era of Ramkrishna Dhakal to Aman Pradhan  and everything in between–Swaroop Raj Achaya, Sabin Rai, Milan Newa, Santosh Lama, Pradeep Ghimire. In all these years, they are all fine singers with their own unique musical styles and flavours.

The compositions are revolved around ‘styles and flavours’ of the singers and elevated the musical saturation while the arrangement imparts a modern touch with subtle spices without killing the musicality and sound–the reason behind why we listen the music.

A jazzy-Bluesy feel in Sabin’s Voice takes you back in 60’s with a rusty and dusty feel and at the same time voice of Ram Krishna Dhakal and Swaroop brings the calmness and soul. Folklore-nostalgic flavours in Santosh’s voice reminds you what you have missed so deeply. It tells our feelings and our bed time story. The voice of innocence, Milan Newa, takes you back to sound of classical era  with a magnamous imagination of beauty, grace and attitude. Pradip’s expression for his beloved may provoke you to do so. And finally the team come to present with Aman’s  tantalising , soulful modern diction with RnB soul with genuine darkness that lingers inside the soul.

In totality, it is a small musical experiment with a purposful musical pause and momentum.




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