Air Quality of Kathmandu valley hits worst in the world


Air quality in Kathmandu Valley became the worst air quality among cities in the world. According to IQ Air, a Swiss air quality technology company, Nepal’s air quality reading ascended to the top making it the most polluted city.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) in Kathmandu crossed 500, according to measurements on Monday. The air quality index of Kathmandu on Monday at 8 pm, was at 487. Another reading at Phora Durbar crossed 500.

This is a serious condition and experts have warned that this can surge complications among elderly and people with respiratory illnesses. According to one report, long-term exposure to air pollution can cause many of the health conditions associated with increased vulnerability to Covid-19, such as diabetes and chronic heart and lung diseases.

Vehicular emissions, pollutions had deteriorated the air quality, now the weather conditions have contributed for its deterioration. Government should declare a state of emergency and should take steps to control it.



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