New height of Mount Everest revealed

Picture Credit- Google

After a wait of a decade, soon, the world learns the new height of the World’s tallest mountain – Mount Everest. Nepal and China have reached a consensus to measure its height. The new height of the tallest mountain is 8,848.86 meters.

A school of thought has spiked that Mount Everest has shrunk due to the earthquake that ravaged Nepal in April 2015. According to some reports, large swathes of land had spiked more than 30 feet, while others had descended after the earthquake. Currently, the official height of Mount Everest, which is located at the Nepal-China border, is recognized as 8,848 meters.

To solve this doubt, China and Nepal agreed to jointly re-measure the altitude of Everest during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Himalayan country. Both countries agreed to recognize Mount Everest as a symbol of friendship and jointly announce its height using the Nepalese and Tibetan names of Everest. In Nepali, it is called Mount Sagarmatha while in Tibet, it is called the Zhumulangma.


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