Two districts of the Kathmandu valley now under the leadership of female police officers


For the first time, two female police officers will be heading two districts of the Kathmandu valley, the capital of Nepal.

On Friday, the Home Ministry transferred the Senior Superintendent of Police(SSP) to Lalitpur. Superintendent of Police(SP) Taradevi Thapa is already serving as the in-charge of Bhaktapur District.

Two districts are considered sensitive in terms of security as they are part of the capital. Female police officers in Nepal are changing the way violence against women is reported. This is because women are more comfortable approaching these stations which are headed by women. Research also shows that incorporating women in the police force leads to reduced corruption. They are also up to the snuff in crime controlling and investigation.

SP Bajracharya is known as a competent officer in investigation and field. She has already served in Central Beaurea of Investigation(CIB) and INTERPOL as its chief. Similarly, SP Taradevi Thapa is also a proficient police officer in leadership and investigation. She has already served as an in-charge of Satdobata. She has also served in Police Training Center.

The women’s participation in Nepal police is surging in recent days. Yet, women officers are a tiny speck in Nepal’spolice service compared to the male officers. The assignment of two police officers as in charges of two districts of the valley can find an echo in the lives and careers of other female officers who are jostling for space in the profession.



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