Let’s Celebrate This Tihar More Responsibly


The coronavirus caseloads are surging in Nepal daily. The national tally of coronavirus has crossed 2,00,000 mark daily.

Nepal registered 5,008 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours, the highest single-day spike, taking the national tally to 105,684 on 10th October. Nepal is seeing dangerous rates of community-level spread across this Himalayan region.

Now, Tihar, Nepal’s second biggest festival is here. . This fest may contribute more gatherings which will eventually cause a surge in the cases. Markets are already overcrowded with people. We should be alert that the people we meet during the festival can possibly have the Covid-19. We should be aware of following the safety protocols. Failure to do that can cause an unimaginable tragedy. As winter is also approaching, the risks of transmission are even more.

The celebration of this festival without any alert can cause a huge tragedy later. Huge gatherings can ease the the transmission of the virus.

This is a crucial time. So, people should be more sensible. Its better people should celebrate this fest within their family only wherever they are. If everything goes alright, they can celebrate the fest again. The fest will come again and again but not our lives. So, lets celebrate this Dashain and Tihar more responsibly.



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