Foodmandu at 10 – Celebrating extraordinarily


Foodmandu, established in 2010 AD, is the first food delivery company in Nepal. The brand is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Foodmandu has decided to celebrate it’s anniversary in an extraordinary way for which it has associated with 10 renowned and emerging startups for 10 days. SastoDeal, UG Bazar, Tootle, Helmets Nepal, Kitab Yatra, Studio Sarcastic, Cotton Mills, Khaalisisi, Braj Beauty, and Sajilo Marmat Sewa are the brands collaborating in the 10th-anniversary campaign.

According to Shyam Ratna Mali, the Marketing and Sales Head of the company, “We aim to surprise our customers by making deliveries from companies involved in different business arena’s than Foodmandu. Likewise, our platform will feature various products/services that are provided by the startup, where the customers can place orders from the Foodmandu app itself.” Manohar Adhikari, the founder of the company believes, “This kind of campaigns will help to develop collaborative relationships between Nepali startups, and we hope the Nepali customers will get to know more about these emerging startups”

The company will run the anniversary campaign for 10 days, starting from 11th November 2020 to 21st November 2020. Along with it, more than 25 restaurants will be providing up to 50% discounts. In addition to this, users of NIC Asia Bank can get up to a 20% discount or Rs.500 cashback while using their debit or credit card.

The company has also launched its official logo for Foodmandu Fresh. Foodmandu Fresh has been delivering groceries to the customers’ doors from brands like Nina and Hager, Sabji Land, Golden Fresh Mart, etc. It includes Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Meat, Bakery items, fresh fruits, and other grocery items.

On this auspicious occasion, the brand has also announced its new business vertical: Foodmandu Go. According to Mali, “The company plans to provide restaurants with logistics support to deliver their food. The restaurants can use Foodmandu’s logistics fleet to fulfill their own takeaway orders which will be helpful and convenient for them.”

In today’s date, Foodmandu, Nepal’s first company to initiate online food delivery, has been making more than 1,000 deliveries a day and providing employment opportunities to more than 250 people, directly or indirectly.

The company aims to extend its services in the upcoming days.



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