It’s Time to Praise Real Durga

Picture: ramesStudios

From the starting of Dashain until the ninth day we have been continuously worshiping goddess Durga in numerous forms and nine different appellations. We have been praising her efforts and willpower & have symbolized her as a goddess of war, strength, and protection. Also, people consider Durga as the power of good over evil and the one who destroys all the distress.

But in the same society where female god has more significance here, the female is becoming the victim of violence-domestic, sexual, and aren’t safe in the home, society, and even community where they are living. Meanwhile, the female goddess is worshipped but females aren’t allowed to be part of the celebration just because they are menstruating. They try to prove themselves superior but fail to understand that menstruation is just a natural process. At the same time, we are praising and uplifting the females while on the other side we don’t let any opportunities to let them down.  

 Besides the violence, women aren’t given exposure to advanced opportunities as compared to men. There is also a wide pay gap between male and female for the same task that needs the same efforts. We are so keenly praising the female goddess but we deny praising the efforts of females in real life.

The patriarchy society who symbolizes the female goddess as the power of strength and protection impose their power and authority to control women. Our society has become advanced but we still are growing up with an ill mentality where women are given limited liberty and they are taught how to behave, what to wear, and make them realize that males are more competent and female can never meet their level. Until and unless people stop teaching their child that males are more competent than females, the violence and injustice to females will continue. So, the time has come that every parent needs to teach that every child is competent- either male or female and the gender has nothing to do. The time has come to make every girl child a real Durga so that she can get victory over the evil and she wouldn’t have to die waiting for someone to come save her from the evils, & none female kid has to come on street pledging for justice.  If we make her the real Durga then we may not have to hear about domestic violence, sexual violence, acid attacks & other violence. So, this Dashain gives every daughter a blessing to be a real Durga.



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