Animal Rights Activists Who Seek To Stop Animal Sacrifice On Gadhimai Festival, Why Silent On Dashain Sacrifice?

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Kathmandu – Every year, during Dashain, the festival celebrated by the Hindu, hundreds of thousands of animals including buffaloes, sheep and goats are sacrficed in the name of a Hindu goddess.

Dashain is the greatest festival of Nepal and it is celebrated annually by the Hindu. This festival usually occurs from September to October and is celebrated for 15 days. Many worshippers believe that sacrificing animals to Goddess offer them blessings. This act is considered as vows to God. It is believed that beheading animals help people liberate people their sin. So, they sacrifice animals to please the Goddess.

On ‘Maha Asthami,’ the eighth day of the Dashain, hundreds of thousands of buffaloes, goats, pigeons and ducks are beheaded. In Dashain, blood is considered the most honorable offering to the Goddess.

The animal sacrifice is considered the most holy in the Hindu scriptures, which is mentioned in 10th and 12th verse of Durga Saptashati.

Although there are few voices to disrupt the sacrifice of animals during Dashain, it is quite difficult to put an end to this tradition. People sacrifice animals to please Goddess and they believe that halting this tradition would cause some bad disasters or something very bad.

“I am against sacrificing animals but putting an end to this tradition is very difficult,” said Ranju Acharya, an undergraduate student. Ranju is a vegetarian since her young age. “I don’t eat meat during Dashain but the rest of my family are non-vegetarian,” she added.

Hundreds of thousands of animals are sacrificed on the Gadhimai Mela also. Every five years, people flock to the temple of the goddess Gadhimai in Bariyarpur, the small border town of Nepal to sacrifice animals.

This event trigerred when Bhagwan Chaudhary, a farmer from Bariyarpur village in Nepal’s southern plains, was arrested for stealing in Makwanpur fort prison about 260 years ago. On his way, Chaudhary prayed to the Hindu goddess Gadhimai then she appeared in his dream and asked him to establish her shrine again in Gadhimai. He dreamed that he would find a solution to all of his problems if he made a blood sacrifice to Gadhimai. Immediately upon his release from prison, he began the ritual.

According to a report, in 2009, an estimated 250,000 animals were sacrificed in this event. Around 6 years ago, 100,000 goats, chickens and ducks and 5000 water buffaloes were sacrificed in the festival.

Animal rights protesters in Nepal are raising their voices strongly to disrupt the animal sacrifice in the Gadhimai festival. But comparatively, there are no such efforts to end the mass sacrifice in the Dashain. People also should be made aware. Such mass killings of animals in the name of the God and Goddess should be discouraged.



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