Nepal and China Prepare To Reveal New Height Of Mount Everest, Why Can’t Nepal Measure On Its Own?

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After a wait of a decade, soon, the world will learn the new height of the World’s tallest mountain – Mount Everest. Nepal and China have teamed up to measure its height.

A school of thought has spiked that Mount Everest has shrunk due to the earthquake that ravaged Nepal in April 2015. According to some reports, large swathes of land had spiked more than 30 feet, while others had descended after the earthquake. Currently, the official height of Mount Everest, which is located at the Nepal-China border, is recognized as 8,848 meters.

To solve this doubt, China and Nepal agreed to jointly re-measure the altitude of Everest during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Himalayan country. Both countries agreed to recognize Mount Everest as a symbol of friendship and jointly announce its height using the Nepalese and Tibetan names of Everest. In Nepali, it is called Mount Sagarmatha while in Tibet, it is called the Zhumulangma.

For the first time, Nepal was working hard for two years to measure the height of the mountain on its own. Nepali surveyors had almost completed the measurement process. It was a matter of national pride for Nepali. But, it is surprising that China and Nepal agreed to measure and announce the height.

Mount Everest has always been a matter of pride for Nepalese. Recently, a state-run news channel’s tweets claiming that Mount Qomolangma(Chinese name of Mount Everest) is located in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region sparked a row among the people of Nepal. They claimed the Everest lies in Nepal, not in China.

Earlier, China claimed the whole Everest as a part of its territory after it took control of Tibet. It was finally settled in 1961 when the two neighbors signed border dispute resolution agreements after the intervention of Mao Zedong, founder of the ruling Communist Party of China. Then the Everest was divided into two parts- it’s Southern part belong to Nepal and Northern part belongs to Tibet. Most of the trekking and tourism expedition takes place from Nepal’s side. Many climbers come to Nepal to summit the world’s highest mountain and it is one of the main sources of income for Nepal. Now, many guides are unemployed as it is closed to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant teamed up with China Mobile to build the base station to build the ultrafast 5G coverage at an altitude of 6,500. The company announced that the 5G network on Mount Everest will provide communication services for the re-measurement of the Mount Everest.

According to some reports, China invited Nepali survey scientists to Beijing to participate in the data analysis process. It seems that China wants to show that the world’s tallest mountain lies in its countries. Else what is the intention behind China’s involvement in re-measuring and announcing the altitude of the mountain?

Earlier, the height of the Everest has been measured by teams from around the world. India, China, America, Italy, and Denmark have produced different calculations. In their calculations, some pushed the mountain a litter higher, while some pulled a little lower. The team from Italy, in 1992, measured it seven feet lower than the recognized height, while a team from America, in 1999, measured it 6 feet more.

For the first time after the Everest was declared as the world’s tallest mountain, Nepal was going to measure its height on its own. But China joined to re-measure and announce it’s new height. In the past, experts from Nepal were never included in the measurement team. This was the opportune time for Nepal to measure the height on its own. We can measure it. Just, our leadership should be ready for that. We should be able to tell the world that Mount Everest lies in Nepal and we can re-measure and announce its altitude on its own.



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