Let’s Rediscover Joy Of Walking Even After The Pandemic

Picture - Twitter

The Nepal government extended the ongoing nationwide lockdown until to battle the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

As countries globally plunge into enforced lockdowns to check the spread of the virus, Nepal followed suit.

The government had announced a week-long nationwide lockdown on in a bid to stop the coronavirus from spreading out of control.

The country’s once-busy market places were desolate, almost all shops were shuttered, borders are closed, and people have been asked to stay in their homes except to buy essentials.

During the first phase of lockdown, people again learnt to walk again. Confined to their homes, people routinely took to the streets in a desperate attempt to escape the stasis of their everyday lives.

Before pandemic and lockdown, people preferred to travel on vehicles. Strange things were happening. The nature looked perfectly stunning. The environment looked pure and clean and it was thrilling experience to stroll in the streets.

Our greatest challenge is to keep this new trend after the pandemic goes away. Now, lets limit the vehicles and make pedestrians a center of society again. Lets learn to walk again in a fresh environment.



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