Government Decision To Relax Protocols On Public Buses Without Safety Protocols Can Be Risky

Pic- Agency

Kathmandu, Nepal – The government of Nepal is scrambling to contain the spread of coronavirus as the cases are increasing daily. The number of coronavirus cases crossed 1,00,000 last week. Now, there are scarcity of ventilators and ICUs in bed. The situation seems more critical but the government on Monday decided to lift restrictions on public vehicles to carry passengers to their full capacity.

This decision can make situation more worst as most people are coming out and they are carelessly using safety measures. As Dashain and Tihar is approaching, there is a high chances that the cases can spike more now. Here, people aren’t much sensible as they should be and now the government’s decisions are helping to spread the virus.

Now, the government should make strict laws to ensure the people will use masks as many public vehicles didn’t ensure the used of safety protocols. As the festive season is on the door, the government’s decision to allow public vehicles to carry passengers to full capacity will make virus spread in the villages.

In this crucial time, the government should have made strict laws and encourage people to celebrate this biggest fest among themselves wherever they are. The government could have enforced this decision after strictly ensuring safety protocols but safety protocols aren’t used properly, so this can be very risky.



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