Raise The Monthly Pay Of Female Cricketers


The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), the Nepal’s cricket governing body has graded 18 Men & 19 Women cricketers in three categories under its central contract.

Men cricketers listed in the A-grade would receive a monthly remuneration of Rs 50,000, B-grade Rs 40,000 & C-grade Rs 30,000. Meanwhile, the pay of Women Cricketers on 3 categories is Rs 15,000, Rs 12,000 & Rs 10,000 respectively every month.

This is the first time women cricketers will now get a monthly salary although they appeared in international matches since 13 years ago. The male cricketers are getting central since 2012. But still, the pay Structure of Men & Women Cricketers is far beyond comparison and is quite disappointing. Such disparity in pay will demotivate the women players. They are also making equal contributions and efforts but there are no reasons and logics behind such disparity.

The monthly pay of the women cricketers should be hiked in order to motivate them. Then only, more women can be attracted to this game. It seems that mercy is being shown to them by paying so little.

The status of women cricketer is still miserable. After seeing this monthly remuneration would any woman be able to pursue a career as a cricketer?? Gender equality cannot be achieved unless the gender pay gap is filled.



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