Yuwaraj Khatiwada: Lucky Man Enjoying Endless Top Position


Kathmandu , Nepal – Yuwaraj Khatiwada, former Finance, and Communication Minister and now a special economic advisor to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is a lucky man as he is enjoying an endless tenure at the top position.

Khatiwada, who already served as the employee of Nepal Rastra Bank was appointed vice-chairman of the National Planning Commission (NPC), when Madhav Kumar Nepal was heading the government. He had already served as the member of the NPC from November 2002 to June 2005. Khatiwada was appointed as the NRB’s governor in 2010. When Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli came in power, Khatiwada was recommended as a member of the Upper House and subsequently appointed him as finance minister in his Cabinet.

He resigned from the post of Finance and Communication minister earlier this month as Oli recommended Bamdev Gautam, another key player in the party to the Upper House. Oli wanted him to continue Khatiwada but as the infighting in the party has surged tremendously, and many criticized him of monopoly he recommended Gautam. But immediately, Oli appointed Khatiwada as his special economic adviser with a benefits on par with a minister.

It seems that Prime Minister Oli is planning to take the Finance Ministry with himself and run it with his special adviser. His preferential treatment to one man may create rift in the party. Many leaders in the party may be looking for the post of Finance Minister and if the Prime Minister takes that portfolio with himself, it may create more tussle in the party. Though its Prime Minister choice to pick up advisor, but Oli’s preferential to one man may not deliver good message.


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