People Should Be More Sensible As Coronavirus Lockdown Eases In Nepal

Pic - Agency/ET

Kathmandu, Nepal: As businesses and communities across the country begin to reopen, it can be dangerous and risky as the coronavirus cases are surging daily. The levels of coronavirus cases are still high and many are worried as there is no enough widespread testing.

The Government of Nepal also plans to enroll students from next month. The Cabinet meeting decided that the schools that were changed into isolation centers would be sanitized before enrolling students.

It’s not the right decision to reopen schools soon as the threat of COVID-19 is still high. Kathmandu, the capital of the country saw 53 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday. The daily coronavirus cases and death toll are also rising in different parts of the country. Many health experts are worried that Kathmandu could be a new hotspot for deadly diseases.

The hotels and restaurants services have also resumed their services. But people are calculating whether they should visit them or not.

Lockdown was curbing the spread of this virus but it cannot last indefinitely, at least not causing a hard blow to economies. Nepal is facing a drop in output unprecedented in its intensity. Our economic outline darkened daily, with businesses shutting down and people shutting in. If the lockdown continues indefinitely, many could be plunged into poverty, hunger, or desperation.

This global pandemic can be checked from resurging in one of two ways. One is researchers would have to develop a safe, effective vaccine against this virus and making enough of it for everybody. Races are on to find and produce vaccines to prevent COVID-19.

Another way is the virus will extinct itself as the spread comes to deliberate a form of herd community on population. It is possible after a large number of people in a community have been infected with COVID-19 and builds resistance to it. If this option is allowed, unmitigated, it would be a catastrophe as it would cause many deaths, mostly among the elderly and those people with limited access to the health care system. Both ways take time. So, we need a good strategy to see us through the next year or more.

Nepal can’t enforce lockdown indefinitely. More people will lose their lives due to hunger, poverty, and desperation than due to this disease. We need to face this reality. Businesses and communities should be reopened but it should be done safely. There should be widespread testing so that those who are positive can be quarantined and cured. But unfortunately, Nepal so far lacks widespread testing and tracing.

So, now the people should be sensible and they shouldn’t tear pants out of freedom given to them. People should stay home and if they do go out, they should wear masks and maintain safety measures.


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