Like in Paris we can grow ‘Urban Forests’ at famous landmarks in Kathmandu


The pollution in Kathmandu is swelling day by day. Before the lockdown, pollution was so massive. Air pollution in Kathmandu Valley is proving to be a peril to the health of its inhabitants.

Pollution is on rise. The freshness of the valley is declining and so are the forests. To solve this, we can think of new and better ideas. Like in Paris, we can grow ‘Urban Forests’ in Kathmandu’s famous landmarks. Landmarks can be parks, hotels or others.

Under a plan announced in France by Mayor Anne Hidalgo, thickets of trees will soon appear in what today are pockets of concrete next to landmark locations, including the Hôtel de Ville, Paris’s city hall; the Opera Garnier, Paris’s main opera house; the Gare de Lyon; and along the Seine quayside according to Citylab.

The new plantings are part of a plan to create “islands of freshness”—green spaces that moderate the city’s heat island effect. It also falls into an overall drive to convert Paris’s surface “from mineral to vegetal,” introducing soil into architectural set-piece locations that have been kept bare historically. As a result, the plan will not just increase greenery, but may also provoke some modest rethinking of the way Paris frames its architectural heritage, it further states.

Like in Paris, in major cities like Kathmandu and others, we can grow urban forests in landmarks. This increases the freshness and charm of cities.


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