Opportunities Are Everywhere; Nepal Needs To Think Out Of Box

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Every year around 5 lakhs manpower enters the labor markets, among them, individuals with good academic background leave the country for higher education, and while few prefer to go golf countries and rest remain in the country.

Since most of the skilled manpower is leaving the country there is a lack of manpower to address the labor demand in the market. The manpower we have in the country doesn’t have appropriate skills, training, education, and competency to meet the demand which has hampered productivity in different sectors. The trend of going abroad has also kept shadow to employment opportunities available in the country.

Government has also been prioritizing some sectors to generate new employment opportunities, our market base is also increasing and new industries are entering the market creating employment opportunities in the country.

Every day there is a large demand for workers from manufacturing, construction to strategic level but in Nepal, people only options for government jobs and high paid private jobs. But they fail to understand there is a wide gap between their competency and the requirement needed. Due to which the unemployment rate has been up surging every year. People are desperately seeking job opportunities without analyzing their competency and randomly picking jobs on a paid basis without knowing their field of interest, which has resulted in an imbalance in the labor market.

Our country is trying to upgrade from least developed countries and in the process we have ample of opportunities where we fail to look at. We have scare resources and have opportunities in multiple sectors including agriculture, livestock, manufacturing, services and so on.  The only thing we are lacking behind is we are ignoring the possibilities which is available everywhere.

We are running after short term achievement and don’t want to take any risk neither we want to upgrade ourselves. Nepal is the country that has a favorable atmosphere for entrepreneurship, venture, and so on. As the world is moving towards capital intensive technology and digitalization we are living with a labor-intensive mentality that has impacted the market.

So, Nepal has enough opportunities to provide employment to its citizens but they should be ready to change themselves and adapt to changing workforce scenarios. There is a need of training and skill-building platforms to enhance their competency in order to meet the market demand and generate more employment opportunities.

The mentality of people needs to be changed and they should treat every job equally. And along with the crisis, COVID-19 has enabled us to think out of the box and invest our time in the country contributing to boost employment opportunities. It’s now the high time for all of us to come out with something innovative yet unique and enhance our entrepreneurship skills and guide the unskilled labor force to engage in the labor market of the country.

Now, opportunities are everywhere, we just need to broader our mindset, change our perspective regarding jobs, and engage in productive sectors. It’s time to create opportunities for those esteemed 1.5 million returnees from destination countries who have already lost their jobs in the host country due to the global crisis. It’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity for us to explore our strength and come out of best with dedication and willingness to bring out best in every way possible.

It’s time to utilize our skills and change the tag of least developed countries creating a platform for everyone so that none of the individuals are compelled to leave the country either for higher studies or for the sake of livelihood. So, let’s explore the opportunities and upgrade our status.


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