We Need To Adopt Tamil Nadu’s Style: Extend Lockdown But With Most Restriction Eased

Picture- Google/Jagran

As the coronavirus cases and death tolls, Nepal government mulls for yet another lock down. The authorities extended the lockdown in an effort to contain the spread of the virus.

On Sunday, Nepal recorded highest single-day death toll due to COVID-19 losing 14 people. The coronavirus cases climbs to 38,561 and death toll is 221.

Lockdown is curbing the spread of this pneumonia-like pathogen but it cannot last indefinitely, at least not causing a hard blow to economies. Nepal is facing a drop in output unprecedented in its intensity. The world economic outline darkens daily, with businesses shutting down and people shutting in. As Nepal is enforcing lockdown to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases, the restrictions are affecting the world’s poor. The effect of lockdown has been a walking exodus of people.

As the cases are surging in Nepal, the emerging question is: “When will this virus disappear?” This pandemic can be prevented from resurging in one of two ways. One is researchers would have to develop a safe, effective vaccine against this deadly virus and making enough of it for everybody. Races are on to find and produce vaccines to prevent COVID-19. Another way is the virus will extinct itself as the spread comes to deliberate a form of herd community on population. It is possible after a large number of people in a community have been infected with COVID-19 and builds resistance to it. If this option is allowed, unmitigated, it would be a catastrophe as it would cause many deaths, mostly among the elderly and those people with limited access to the health care system. Both ways take time.

So, we need a good strategy to see us through the next year or more or we have to live with this virus.

For now, we can adopt the style of Tamil-Nadu state of India. The COVID-19 cases reached 4.22 lakh on Sunday with 7,231 deaths. Still, the cases are rising. Tamil Nadu extended the lockdown till 30 September but with substantial relaxation.

According to the new strategy, there won’t be a complete lockdown in the State in September. All places of worship, hotels, and resorts aren’t restricted and they have been allowed to re-open but with a limited number of people. Tourists will now be all in some tourist areas with e-pass procured from district collectors.  Government and private offices are allowed to work with 100% staff attendance but Work From Home has been strongly advised. Shopping malls are allowed to re-open following guidelines issued by the Home Ministry.

However, schools, colleges, cinema halls, suburban trains, swimming pools, amusement parks, beaches, zoos, museums, tourist spots aren’t allowed to open until further notice.

Now, we can’t stay enforcing lockdown always. We need to learn to live with the virus safely.




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