The US-China Cold War Can Be Dangerous

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The global pandemic of novel coronavirus has created a great rift between China and the US that won’t heal easily. Relations between the two nations have deteriorated to their worst in decades, with American administration ordering China close its Houston Consulate just being a recent example. Tensions between the two world powers continue to escalate toward the cold war that could be damaging to the world. The rancor between the two countries is becoming worst in trade, technology, defense, diplomacy human rights, and other categories.

Now the US seems to be less confident and it is persuading its allies and friendly nations to support it and leave China behind. But it’s challenging for the US officials to convince its allies that the US is a still reliable partner. The alliance system of the US is going downhill and needs to be renovated.  Although many countries are condemning China for its handling of the virus during its initial stage, the US is struggling to convince friendly nations to band together with the US against China.

Many countries are condemning China for hiding the severity of coronavirus and muzzling whistleblowers during the initial stages of coronavirus. Their actions and voices are louder now. Several countries condemn China for passing the controversial National Security Law, which undermines the autonomy of Hongkong. The UK said that it will open a way for HongKong citizens with a right to British National Oversee Passport. Australia has also extended visas for the citizens of HongKong in the country.

Recently, the British government banned the Chinese technology giant Huawei from its 5G telecoms network following the huge pressure from US President Donald Trump. Other countries like Australia, Japan including the US have already banned or planned to phase out the Chinese company. But the UK said that it wouldn’t restrict the provider, but only restrict the technology in the most sensitive parts of its network. The efforts of the US around the world against Huawei are because it is worried that the Chinese company may take control over key parts of communication and the US may lose its supremacy to China. 

The US is putting efforts to persuade countries to stick with it instead of China. But it needs to provide them good alternatives for that. Now, the US is in a campaign to gain the support of other countries to suppress China. It can be dangerous. If two power nations start to form alliances and move toward a new war, it can be damaging to the whole world. 

This is a crucial time for solidarity and cooperation as the coronavirus is ravaging the world. The two superpowers must cooperate in a fight against coronavirus. They should lead international efforts in research into vaccines and treatments of the deadly virus. They should help other countries with poor infrastructures and poor health facilities. They can be global leaders and contribute to better health governance. They should hold bilateral dialogues and resolve the issues before its too late. If they move toward a new war, it would be the greatest catastrophe and it takes generations to heal. 


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