Stop Acid Attacks Against Women

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A 22-year young girl was attacked with acid on 24th July by some unidentified person at Sitapaila, Kathmandu. Likewise, a few months back, Muskan Khatun was attacked with acid at Birgunj in her own home.

These are only a few shreds of evidence that shows that girls are not safer anywhere. On average, above 40 Nepali girls are brutally attacked with acid every year however the number may be more because there is still a lack of systematic data collection in acid and burn violence case.

A young girl of age 15-years up-to a woman above 50 years has become the victim of acid attacks in the country. Most of them still don’t have the idea behind the reason for acid attack but they are living with the scars for a lifetime.

It takes years and ages to build something good but it just takes a single second to destroy everything. Muskan and Sangita are only among those few names whose life has been completely changed in just a blink. They wouldn’t have ever imagined that standing for their right might brings a great disaster for life. Some of them are bound to lose their life while few survive with the scars of acid attack for a lifetime.

Acid attacks are a senseless crime and these attacks are blot in Nepal. This is a crime that attacks individuality and identity. It changes people – how they look, how they feel, and remains for the rest of their lives. Perpetrators intend to disfigure rather than kill their victims. The patriarchal reasoning that a woman’s appearance is her only asset often drives an acid attack. These attackers assume to power to cause chaos in human flesh. In this incident, the victim is agonized and helpless, the level of injury is left largely to chance.

Acid attacks are usually applied to ruin a women’s beauty, career, financial stability, and social status. This logic appears to hold water everywhere.

According to a report, approximately 1,500 acid attacks are recorded worldwide annually. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Cambodia, and Uganda are countries with the highest reported cases. Burning a person’s skin with acid is a vengeful punishment and it is intended to blight life. The attackers feel powerful whereas it irreparably devalues the victim.

Besides the acid attack, there are different forms of violence-physical, mental, sexual, domestic, and psychological that women are facing. Nepal’s constitution under the Muluki Criminal Code of 2075 also condemns protecting women and children against this violence. But failure in the implementation of the law and poor filing of cases and lack of evidence against harassment has helped to move the culprit freely. The lack of regulation to monitor the sale of acid and the availability of acid freely has also increased the cases of acid attack and similar violence.

Today, people fear to give birth to a girl child because they always have some kind of fear on their mind that her child might be the victim of this evil society. If a girl becomes a victim of any kind of violence at first we blame a girl easily without knowing the hidden fact and truth behind it. We first point out the character, upbringing, and appearance but we never try to understand that its crime by perpetrators for violating the right of girl and making her suffer. It needs loud voices, moral support, and lawful punishment so that people can feel proud to be parents of the girl child and a girl can freely lift her dreams and fly high to achieve it.

Until and unless the government implements strict rules to give justice to the victims and the society doesn’t support the victim’s such violence would keep on increasing so Let’s unite against any kind of violence and support the victims in the fight and journey of justice.

Lets aware everyone and together let end such violence. To stop this kind of incident in future, reactive strategies such as policing acid sellers and buyers, terming longer prison terms for the attackers like in Britain, Italy, Bangladesh, and India should be focused and implemented. An awareness program should be carried out.

Acids shouldn’t be easily available and the attackers should be given a very hard punishment so that people fear before committing this heinous crime. The crux of the problem is our patriarchal mindset where boys think they are superior. Sometimes, to satisfy their ego, they tend to blight the life of women. Strong government involvement is vital in the prevention of these kinds of incidents.


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